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phpAdsNew Text Ad With CSS
By Matthew Drouin - 2003-10-13 Page:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

The Advanced Tab

In the Advanced tab we are going to skip over the Chain Settings and scroll down to the Append and prepend attributes. In the "Always prepend the HTML code to text ads displayed by this zone" we want to add a simple <span class="testText">. You can name the "testText" any name you want just remember the name because we will need to define that in a css file shortly or on the page itself so that the browser knows what to make the text look like.

All html requires that we close tags so that is where "Always append the HTML code to text ads displayed by this zone" comes in. We want to close the span tag we added by doing a </span>. We are using a span tag instead of a div tag because div tags add br's which will change the formatting of the page. If your situation requires a div tag then by all means put a div tag in. You can put anything in the prepend and append boxes. The ad, not just text ads, will be displayed between the contents in the boxes.

Your page should look like the image below.

phpAdsNew prepend and append attributes

Once you press the "Save Changes" button you will be brought to the "Linked banners" tab, which will most likely not be very helpful at this moment in time unless you already have advertisers and text ads associated with advertisers. If you do then you can link those text ads in now but this tutorial assumes you have not done that yet.

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