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10 Tips to Minimize Shopping Cart Abandonment
By Arthur Raise - 2007-09-28 Page:  1

Control E-commerce Success

The World Wide Web is thriving and e-commerce is all set to boom. Shopping online has become the norm and all over the world consumers are preferring to shop online as it has many advantages. There are many aspects that control e-commerce success and one crucial factor is the shopping cart. An online shopper must take the cart forward and complete his purchase. Sadly shopping cart abandonment is a common problem, which all concerned are trying to minimize.

Here are some tips from e-commerce experts on how to minimize shopping cart abandonment:

1. Make sure that your website is user friendly. Make sure all items on sale are priced competitively; if any discounts are applicable it is mentioned alongside the object, also mention shipping costs and time. This will ensure that a customer does not go back and forth and then abandon the shopping cart in frustration.

2. Make sure the customer knows where they are in the shopping process at any point of time. And allow customers to review the steps they have taken as well as the product at any point in time.

3. Use tools like placing a icon of the product in the basket so a customer always knows at a glance what he has placed in the shopping cart. This is known to increase conversions by over 10%.

4. Have online comparison tools and clearly delineate advantages of buying from your website online.

5. Display clearly the stock position so a customer knows if he has chosen to purchase one of the few remaining items.

6. Include editing tools in the shopping cart so that customers can change quantities, sizes, or number of items they are purchasing.

7. Keep the online shopping process clear and simple. Always let the buyer know how many steps left and what to do next.

8. Be clear about return policy and guarantees.

9. Display any fair merchant commendations for customers to view. As also any important affiliations or partnerships.

10. Create a website that has easy navigation. Think of a dummy when planning the website. It must be easy to use for children and adults. Be a customer friendly website and have ways using which you can lead the customer through the right path. Install tools that display error messages and help customersí correct wrongs. Donít just say incorrect tell a customer how to do things right. Hold their hand and lead them through the selection and buying process. Draw customers to you site by using innovative online marketing tools. Have a e-catalogue which has not just product descriptions and prices but unbiased reviews and articles and tips for customers on how best to buy stuff online. Be a far thinking e-commerce merchant.

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