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Windows-to-Linux roadmap: Part 5 Linux Loggin
By Chris Walden - 2004-06-08 Page:  1 2 3 4

Log configuration in Webmin

Webmin has a module for working with log files.

Figure 1. Webmin system log view
Figure 1. Webmin system log view

All configured log files are shown. Click on a log file to edit its configuration.

Figure 2. Webmin log edit screen
Figure 2. Webmin log edit screen

Or you can click the View to see the contents of a log file.

Viewing log files from the console
Since log files in Linux are written in plain text, they do not require a special tool to interpret them. Any text file viewer can show a Linux log file. A browser, such as Mozilla, can display a log file, and provide search capability. Linux also has console tools to view text files. more, shows you a file one page at a time, just like the MS DOS version. The less command will display the file in a read-only viewer, which provides bi-directional scrolling and search capabilities. Try it now by entering less /var/log/messages at the command line.

The Webmin module interacts with the /etc/syslog.conf file, so anything you do in one is reflected in the other.

Logging in your life

Log files in Linux are critical to troubleshooting and maintaining your system. Linux logging is done to text files, so no proprietary tools are required to view the files. Text files are also easy to use with custom scripts and programs.

Logs are rotated to keep them from getting too large and to separate the current information from much older data. Log rotation is configurable.

Logging is highly configurable, and logs can even be stored on a separate system for security or backup purposes. You can generate system log messages out of your own scripts and programs that will be recognized and processed by the syslogd daemon.

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