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(PHP 4 >= 4.2.0)

pg_field_name -- Returns the name of a field


string pg_field_name ( resource result, int field_number)

pg_field_name() returns the name of the field occupying the given field_number in the given PostgreSQL result resource. Field numbering starts from 0.

Example 1. Getting informations about fields

    $dbconn = pg_connect("dbname=publisher") or die("Could not connect");

    $res = pg_query($dbconn, "select * from authors where author = 'Orwell'");
    $i = pg_num_fields($res);
    for ($j = 0; $j < $i; $j++) {
        echo "column $j\n";
        $fieldname = pg_field_name($res, $j);
        echo "fieldname: $fieldname\n";
        echo "printed length: ".pg_field_prtlen($res, $fieldname)." characters\n";
        echo "storage length: ".pg_field_size($res, $j)." bytes\n";
        echo "field type: ".pg_field_type($res, $j)." \n\n";

The above example would produce the following output:

column 0
fieldname: author
printed length: 6 characters
storage length: -1 bytes
field type: varchar 

column 1
fieldname: year
printed length: 4 characters
storage length: 2 bytes
field type: int2 

column 2
fieldname: title
printed length: 24 characters
storage length: -1 bytes
 field type: varchar

Note: This function used to be called pg_fieldname().

See also pg_field_num().

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