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(PHP 3, PHP 4 )

imap_createmailbox -- Create a new mailbox


bool imap_createmailbox ( resource imap_stream, string mbox)

imap_createmailbox() creates a new mailbox specified by mbox. Names containing international characters should be encoded by imap_utf7_encode()

Returns TRUE on success and FALSE on error.

See also imap_renamemailbox(), imap_deletemailbox() and imap_open() for the format of mbox names.

Example 1. imap_createmailbox() example

$mbox = imap_open("{}","username","password",OP_HALFOPEN)
     or die("can't connect: ".imap_last_error());

$name1 = "phpnewbox";
$name2 = imap_utf7_encode("phpnewb&ouml;x");

$newname = $name1;

echo "Newname will be '$name1'<br>\n";

# we will now create a new mailbox "phptestbox" in your inbox folder,
# check its status after creation and finaly remove it to restore
# your inbox to its initial state 
if(@imap_createmailbox($mbox,imap_utf7_encode("{}INBOX.$newname"))) {
  $status = @imap_status($mbox,"{}INBOX.$newname",SA_ALL);
  if($status) {
    print("your new mailbox '$name1' has the following status:<br>\n");
    print("Messages:   ". $status->messages   )."<br>\n";
    print("Recent:     ". $status->recent     )."<br>\n";
    print("Unseen:     ". $status->unseen     )."<br>\n";
    print("UIDnext:    ". $status->uidnext    )."<br>\n";
    print("UIDvalidity:". $status->uidvalidity)."<br>\n";
    if(imap_renamemailbox($mbox,"{}INBOX.$newname","{}INBOX.$name2")) {
      echo "renamed new mailbox from '$name1' to '$name2'<br>\n";
    } else {
      print "imap_renamemailbox on new mailbox failed: ".imap_last_error()."<br>\n";
  } else {
    print  "imap_status on new mailbox failed: ".imap_last_error()."<br>\n";
  if(@imap_deletemailbox($mbox,"{}INBOX.$newname")) {
    print "new mailbox removed to restore initial state<br>\n";
  } else {
    print  "imap_deletemailbox on new mailbox failed: ".implode("<br>\n",imap_errors())."<br>\n";
} else {
  print  "could not create new mailbox: ".implode("<br>\n",imap_errors())."<br>\n";


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