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Gagandeep Singh Tathgar

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I graduated from University of Toronto in 2005 with a B.Sc. in Computer Science. I have been working as a professional PHP web developer since then. In my spare time i like to work on my pet projects/websites to learn and expand my knowledge of web development. I'm working on developing a PHP web reference and tutorial website ( for beginners and experts. My goal is to help beginners understand server side scripting with PHP so they can enhance the functionality of their website. My goal is provide practical examples, scripts and code snippets with explanation that you can use on your site easily. This site will server as starting guide for the beginners and a reference manual for the PHP programmers.


PHP Variables - 2007-10-01

While working with any language we make use of variables. Variables are used to store values and reuse them in our code. We use different types of variables in our code such as strings (text), integers (numbers), floats (decimal numbers), boolean (true or false) and objects. In PHP we can make use of variable while writing scripts. In this lesson we're going to cover PHP variables.

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PHP Strings - 2007-09-27

In programming, a string is a sequence of letters, symbols, characters and arithmetic values or combination of all tied together in single or double quotes. For example, "I Love PHP", "10", '100.01', "", etc are all examples of strings.

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